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Casual, innovative and exciting concepts...

“Jeffery has proved to be in a league by himself. Covering a myriad of cuisines, each event is as special and authentic as the last. Jeffery gives a passionate and eloquent presentation to accompany his fine cuisine. “ – Neal Collins, Winemaker of Tablas Creek and Lone Madrone Winery

  • Reasonable prices
  • Customized themes and menus
  • Casual, Innovative, and exciting concepts
  • Highly trained staff of expert service professionals
  • Up to 500 guests

We understand the importance and value of a Wine Club Member to each individual winery. We also understand that Wine Club Events are a great amenity to your Club Members that help retain existing members and attract new ones. We will work with your winery to deliver a successful wine club event that makes both your members and budget happy. Covering a myriad of cuisines, Chef Jeffery is capable of keeping the cost per person within budget without ever compromising the menu quality.

We work with each and every winery on the overall vision of the event, creatively coming up with a format, theme and menu that is sure to be unique to your winery. Always adding a sense of magic to the occasion, we create globally inspired dishes, making every Wine Club Event a memorable and truly signature event.

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