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Creating menus that show wines at their very best...

“Chef Jeffery Scott has raised the standard of cuisine in Paso Robles! One of the top chefs in this area, he is the best in terms of food and wine pairing – a rare talent! I also like his approach working with seasonal, local products. Every time Chef Jeffery works for L’Aventure, the dinners are perfectly organized the staff is very professional, and the food is amazing - the perfect fusion between modern and classic cuisine. Bravo!” – Stephan Asseo, Owner/Winemaker of L’Aventure Winery

Earning a well-regarded reputation amongst Paso Robles’ top winemakers, Chef Jeffery Scott creates the both modern and classic menus with seasonal flavors and textures inspired by Paso Robles wines.  For first time clients, an initial consultation is held where we gain an understanding for the personalities and preferences of the dinner project to ensure every winemaker dinner reflects the character and culture of the winery and wines be presented – with the cuisine simply complimenting the experience.

For over 10 years in Beverly Hills, Chef Jeffery Scott created menus to pair with nearly priceless bottles of wines including 1957 Chateau La Fete Rothschild and a 1959 Chateau Latour. His methodology is never to mirror the flavors of the food and wines, but rather compliment the two, creating a duet between the wines, flavors and textures of the meal.

“I let the wines take me on a journey, understanding that my job is to make the wine taste as good as it can.” – Chef Jeffery Scott

Just as a winemaker evaluates the mouthfeel, textures and tannins of their wines, Chef Jeffery also carefully evaluates the mouthfeel and textures of his cuisine.  Usually beginning the meal with a crunch to awaken and excite the palate, we then move into softer and silkier textures, finishing the meal with rich and creamy dishes to perfectly pair with rich and full-bodied wines.

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